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Daniel Brewster
Vice President, Real Estate and Construction

Dan Brewster was appointed Vice President, Real Estate and Construction in April 2024. Prior to joining The Tile Shop in 1999, he spent seven years at the store level at Target Corporation, finishing his time there as a team lead. He joined The Tile Shop as a sales associate in March 1999. From 1999 through 2024, Dan has had increasing responsibility within the stores including managing four different stores, Regional Manager, Senior Regional Manager, Vice President Retail Stores West and Vice President, Sales Operations. Dan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics from St. John’s University.

Dan’s favorite tiles have all been used in his home remodeling projects. He used the Legno travertine 6” x 24” on the master bathroom floor along with trimming the window sill, shower curb and edging with Somersets. He used Bianco on the walls as a wainscot and in the shower floor to ceiling. He accented the look with River Oaks Stria with glass in the corners of the showers and as an accent behind the bathroom sink. This combination created a perfect bathroom for his family.