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Cabell Lolmaugh
President, Chief Executive Officer

Cabby Lolmaugh was appointed President, Chief Executive Officer in January 2019. After serving four year years in the U.S. Marine Corps., Mr. Lolmaugh joined our company in 2001, working in the warehouse of our Roseville, Minnesota store. From that time through 2014, he served in various roles at several locations, including Store Manager in Roseville, one of the company’s largest and most successful stores. In 2014, Mr. Lolmaugh was asked to lead the company’s pro customer strategy. Under his leadership, the company developed various programs focused on training, product assortment, merchandising and marketing to increase the level of service to the pro customer. In 2016, he became our organization’s first Director of Talent Development, and was responsible for creating and implementing a comprehensive new sales associate and store manager training program throughout the Company. This work included launching new training, development and compensation programs for new sales associates and senior assistant store managers, which became the foundation of our talent development strategy. In 2017, Mr. Lolmaugh was promoted to Vice President of Retail Stores West; responsible for the leadership and management of approximately half of our stores. In February 2018, he was promoted to Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer.

Cabby’s favorite tile is the Copper Rust Broken Random (sku #655837), which comes from the slate collection and has a rustic appearance and unique colors.