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Cabell Lolmaugh

Cabell H. Lolmaugh has been our Chief Executive Officer and President and a member of our Board since January 1, 2019. From February 2018 through December 2018, Mr. Lolmaugh was our Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Lolmaugh previously served as our Vice President, Retail Stores from October 2017 until February 2018, as our Director-Talent Development, leading our store training programs and strategy, from January 2016 until October 2017, and as our Director of Pro Services, leading our professional customer strategy, from July 2014 through January 2016. Mr. Lolmaugh served in numerous key roles at a store level from 2001 through July 2014. Prior to joining us, Mr. Lolmaugh served in the United States Marine Corps.